Continuing legal education (CLE) is a powerful tool that helps lawyers minimize the risk of a malpractice claim. Participating in CLE activities also helps ensure you meet your state requirements and may even save you money on your insurance premiums.

Lockton Affinity Lawyer is lucky to have an extensive network of carrier partners attentive to the CLE needs of legal professionals, among them, CNA. We are pleased to share the CNA 2023 series of risk control webinars for legal professionals.

2023 CLE Webinar Series

The 2023 Lawyers Professional Liability webinar series is called From Start to Finish: Managing Risk for the Road Ahead. This program offers a holistic approach to risk management in the legal profession from beginning to end, and covers topics especially important for today’s attorneys.

The program will be offered in a live webinar format on four dates throughout 2023. It is eligible for the full per-attorney premium credit, up to 7.5% per firm. Registration for each session is now open at a cost of $19.99 per registrant. Please visit the registration page or contact your broker for more information.

The content of the program is as follows:

Webinar 1: Client Fraud, Crime and Troublesome Behavior

Client selection remains a critical component in avoiding legal malpractice claims. Notwithstanding the best screening and client intake process, troublesome clients are inevitable in the practice of law. How do you handle client fraud, criminal conduct and concerning behavior? In this section, we review examples of challenges presented by clients and how to respond in a professional and ethical manner.

Webinar 2: Hard-Learned Lessons in Cybersecurity

Protecting client and law firm data represents an ongoing challenge. Law firms are often targeted by bad actors hoping to access a target-rich environment of client personal information, financial records, health records and more. In this section, we explore some of the cyber threats law firms have encountered and steps to consider to protect your client and law firm data.

Webinar 3: Strive to Thrive: Attorney Well-Being

Attorney well-being may seem like an oxymoron. However, the demanding hours, pressures to bill and stressful work environments can be overwhelming and often have detrimental effects. Sometimes, it seems impossible to manage high levels of stress and combat burnout while finding time for self-care. This section examines the legal profession and challenges confronted by practitioners in managing their lives and careers. Learn how attorney well-being affects legal malpractice exposures and how you can improve your law practice by making well-being a priority.

Webinar 4: A Day in the Life of “The Firm”

After a successful legal career, Eliza has made the decision to retire and is confident in her succession plan to turn the business over to her colleagues, who are also family members. With each discussion, the succession plan that was in effect for generations will not withstand the evolving nature of the practice of law. How do you prepare for retirement, lateral moves, unexpected advancement and withdrawal from client representations? Walk through A Day in the Life of “The Firm” for lessons in avoiding and mitigating malpractice risks associated with lawyer logistics.

For more information on the webinars, please contact your broker or visit the webinar registration page.


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